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Guac & Chips

The simplicity of an iPad booth. The power of a DSLR. Starting as low as $169/mo.

iPad Powered. DSLR quality.

Fast Charging

Up to 30W charging means that your iPad will stay on throughout your event, even at full brightness.

Built-in Backup

Increase the life of your booth by using the latest and greatest iPads.

12.9” Compatible

Guac works with any 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd Generation (2018) and newer.

See Guac in Action

See how people use Guac Booth in a variety of settings.

Beautiful Lighting in Every Scenario

Guac booth was built for professional photographers to bring their events to the next level.

Versatile Camera System

Adjust the camera angles to capture guests of every height. Perfect your composition.

Studio Quality Lighting

Get beautiful and consistent captures in almost every lighting situation with our included flash unit.

24 Megapixel Photos

Big enough to print on a billboard.

Sharable and Profitable Captures

The only limit is your imagination.

Wide Group Shots



Vertical Captures


Black & White

Print Templates

Horizontal Captures


Animated Overlays

Next Level Hardware

Mesmerizing LEDs

Use our 100+ LED sequences to beautifully brand your experience.

Charge Your Accessories

Two hidden power outlets and USB charging ports inside.

Customize Your Look

Apply a vinyl wrap to show off your brand, display a special offer, share your social media, and more.

Outdoor events? No sweat.

Guac’s powerful fan keeps your hardware cool, even during the hottest events.

Capture Guests of All Sizes

Tilt the camera with just a twist of a knob to capture guests that are sitting or standing.

Ultra Portable

Mini Cooper Friendly. 7 Minute Assembly. Zero Tools. Heaviest Part = 26.4 lbs.

Rugged Cases

Designed to protect your booth in every situation. Fly with It. Ship It. Airtight. Watertight.

Fits in a Mini Cooper

No need to purchase a large vehicle. Your entire booth fits in one handy carrying case.

Ultra fast printing. Wireless or wired.

With wired print speeds as fast as 15 seconds and a capacity of up to 400 prints, guests will never have to wait around.

Profitable Prints

Our printer can handle anything your clients want, whether that’s strip style 2x6 prints, classic 4x6 prints, or even perforated media!

Next Level Software

Share instantly. Capture leads.

Collect thousands of emails, phone numbers, and survey data for marketing purposes while letting your guests receive images instantly.

Live Galleries

Host your event's captures in a custom branded gallery that can be accessed by anyone you choose before, during, or after an event.

Not a designer? No problem.

Save money on Photoshop subscriptions by using our built-in design studio. You can create and edit your designs with just a couple of clicks!

Get Hundreds of Designs

Get access to ready-made templates for every occasion. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer or learn Photoshop to get started.

Control your Booths from Anywhere

Made a spelling mistake? Theme changed from blue to red? Make a change with a tap of a finger on your phone or desktop.

Dozens (and Dozens) More Features

And we keep upgrading it. Starting at $49/ mo.



Virtual Booth

Pose Tips


Dropbox Implementation

Virtual Booth Stickers

FTP Integration

Marketing Materials Included

Create your website, Instagram, and Facebook page in minutes with hundreds of premium photos and videos included with every booth purchase.

Save Money on Lawyers

Get started booking clients and collecting deposits today!We still recommend getting this reviewed by your local lawyer.

Join a Global Community

Learn sales and marketing tips. Ask other owners for help executing events. Get referrals on the best apps to streamline the business.

7 Day Support

Need to chat with a team member? We’re here to help every step of the way, including 24 hour weekend support.

Take the Unknown out of Running a Photo Booth Business

Get access to Photobooth Academy — our library of over a hundred videos on dozens of topics to teach you everything you need to run a business that works.

We are here to help you be one of our successful owners.

Read over 250+ 5 star reviews here.

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