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what’s included

Salsa Unit (Everything you need except the iPad and Application)

  • Head Unit, Poles, and Base Plate

  • Built in 15W iPad Charger

  • One iPad Fascia of your choice

  • Power Supply

  • Screwdriver

  • Misc. Hardware

Salsa Carrying Case

  • Protect your investment

Assembly Videos

  • Quickly train your staff and grow your business

Marketing Materials

  • Luxury images and videos to help you stand out from the competition

Sample Contract

  • Reduce the time needed to get booked

access to mastermind group

  • Learn from our community of booth owners

tech specs


  • 2017 - 10.5”, 12.9” Pro

  • 2018 - 11”, 12.9” Pro


  • 64”

  • 43” with one pole installed


  • 36LBS


  • 5.5"


  • 13"


  • 21"


  • 15 Degrees Upwards and Downwards


  • 24.50” x 19.37” x 12.22”

CASE weight

  • 19lbs Injection Molded Case


  • Base Plate: Cold Rolled Steel

  • Poles: Aluminum

  • Shell: Scratch Resistant Plastic

  • Hinge / Fascia: High Impact Plastic


  • 120W

  • 115v/60hz and 240v/50hz

  • Compatible Internationally


hardware faq


Does it come with an iPad?

No. We allow you to supply your own iPad so you can choose which size screen, storage, and version that best fits your needs. This also gives you the opportunity to use an iPad that you already have!

Does it come with a printer?

No. Salsa does not currently come with a printer. We believe this creates a simplified experience for our photobooth owners.

what is the warranty?

Salsa includes a 12-Month limited parts and labor warranty and does not cover damage due to normal usage or wear and tear. In the event that a repair is needed during your coverage period, you will ship the product to Photobooth Supply Co for repairs.

Warranties are non-transferable and coverage is limited to the original Salsa owner.

Can salsa print?

The hardware inherently cannot print because there is no printer, but you can install any third party printing software that you’d like.

The best way to do this would be to use the Dropbox Integration with a dye-sublimation printer hooked up to a Windows Tablet using a hot folder app.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

What’s the biggest size I can print?

The size of prints is determined by which iPad you use, as the cameras vary.

How does it assemble? do i need tools?

Event assembly of the base plate, poles, and head unit is a tool-less experience. Placing the iPad in the fascia will require the provided screwdriver and four screws.

Do I need to take the ipad out of salsa?

Not at all. You can keep it in the head unit even during transportation.

can you brand the hardware?

Yes! The poles, base plate, and top enclosure are able to be vinyl wrapped. You can even have them painted at a local paint shop!

Which iPads will the hardware work with?

Currently, we are supporting the 2017 10.5” and 12.9” iPad Pros and are working on creating fascias for the newer 11” and 12.9” iPad Pros with FaceID. We expect to have those fascias ready for the launch in April of 2019.

Can you use Salsa with one pole instead of two poles?

Yes! This is a great way to use Salsa on a table or allow children to use the booth.

Can Salsa tilt to capture kids or a full body shot?

Yes. Salsa includes a specially designed hinge that you can lock into a tilted position. For example, if Salsa is around 4’ away from the subject, it will be able to tilt downwards enough to capture the floor, which would allow you to do full body shot or capture children.

Can you use the hardware/LEDs with another iOs software?

The full range of LED features are only accessible for those who use Salsa app.

Can the ipad be used horizontally?

iPads can only be mounted in a vertical orientation in Salsa. This allows the booth to capture as much movement as possible. There is also a setting to shoot in landscape and square.

How do you control the LEDs?

We use a proprietary method to control the LEDs via our Salsa App.

is there sales tax?

Sales tax will be charged to any products shipped to California.

What are the total costs involved?

In order to start photo boothing, all you need is a Salsa Booth. Salsa App is optional, but highly recommended for the best experience.

do you offer custom colors?

Yes! We can custom paint the back shell, poles, and base plate at an additional charge. Order minimums may apply.

The hinge, iPad fascia, and white inner ring surrounding the fascia require a higher order quantity for custom colors.


software faq


How much does the app cost?

The price for the software ranges from $49 - $99 / month.

are there discounts for purchasing an annual plan?

Yes! Please visit the pricing page to see how much more affordable the annual plans are.

what happens when I cancel my software SUBSCRIPTION?

You will have access to your application up until your end of your subscription date. Once that date passes, your subscription will no longer renew and you will lose access to the application. There are no partial refunds available.

Can the application print?

There are many ways to print with Salsa App using a combination of the Dropbox integration and hot folders on a Windows Tablet connected to a printer. For native printing, AirPrint is currently in the development pipeline.

Does the software come with virtual props?

This is currently in the development pipeline.

Does it come with templates?

Print templates are currently in the development pipeline.

I want a feature!

Great! Feel free to sign up for an account on our support page and post a request on our R&D board.

Can you use the software with other hardware components?

Absolutely. You will miss out on LED integration, but the app is otherwise identical.

What do the analytics show you?

Currently, analytics shows you the types of captures taken along with the number of SMS, e-mail, and surveys completed. Conveniently export e-mail and SMS data straight from the app to increase marketing and outreach

can the application work without internet?

You can start an event, take pictures, and allow guests to input their phone numbers and e-mails. The content won’t send immediately, but will queue up and send when the iPad gets connected to internet. You will require an internet connection to create an event, but that’s it.

Are my event settings and content cloud synced?

Yes! All content and event settings are uploaded to the cloud and is synced with all the iPads in your account. This allows you to customize your events earlier on a separate iPad or use two iPads at an event — one being a sharing station and one being a photobooth.

how do dropbox and FTP work?

Once you connect your Dropbox and FTP credentials, content will automatically populate in specific folders named after your event.

what image ratio does the camera shoot in?

You can change image ratio within the app to 5:4, 4:5, or 1:1 regardless of the orientation of the iPad.

How do I get my content after an event without dropbox or ftp?

You can request a .zip file to be created that includes all the high resolution content, survey, SMS, and e-mail information. This is an automatic process and you’ll receive a link to that .zip file in your email a few minutes after the request.

Does it connect with Queso live gallery?

No, these are separate galleries.

Can i delete images on my live gallery?

Yes, all you need to do is delete the content on the event detail page and the content will disappear on the live gallery.

Can you setup an event on a web dashboard that syncs to the iPads?

We believe it is easier and simpler to setup your event directly on your iPad. If you don’t happen to be at the event, you can easily use another iPad to change settings.

who owns the captured content?

Images are owned by the guest who taps the screen to take the photo, as they are the actual photographer. If there is a disclaimer screen (which is our Pro version) you can place verbiage in there that gives you ownership over the content. 

what happens if I downgrade from pro to plus?

When your billing cycle ends, you will lose access to all Pro features. Events that previously had live gallery branding will not lose that branding.

what happens to my live galleries if I reduce the number of devices I’m using?

All content uploaded to all live galleries will remain available.

Are there discounts for multiple licenses?

Yes! There are some very significant discounts if you’d like to use multiple devices. Take a look at the options when creating your account to see just how much you’ll save.

Why would I use more than one device?

There are a few reasons! The first is that you may want to do events in two or more locations at the same time. Additionally, some events are large enough to warrant multiple booths.

What international destinations can salsa send text messages to?

Salsa Pro is capable of sending text messages to over a hundred countries, and these texts are included with the cost of your Pro subscription.

where is the content uploaded?

All content is uploaded to the live gallery, a brandable website that hosts all of the images so guests can immediately review the images from the event.